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Always keep the Faith

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11 April
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Hey everyone. My name is Priyadharshini. K-POP lover from India..Been K-pop fan since2008. Not a day goes without, me listening to K-pop or J-pop for that matter.I love TVXQ and is a Cassiopeia by blood.My bias is U-know Yunho <3 and YunJae Shipper!!!!
I stan for all five of them. Always keeping the Faith that one day they will return. Like to Draw anime... Been trying to draw Yunho bt in vain T_T. I'm an hardcore K-drama addict and have successfully made few of my friends into drama and K-pop fans *happy dances*.

My Fav time pass
Listening to K-pop and J-pop. Read fanfics in LJ and winglin especially Yunjae and Yoosu. Keeping in track of the new releases in music and K/J-drama's, read manga's tooo ^_^. Pretty much online all the time.

My wishes:
1)For the five of them to come as one and perform on stage soon.
2)Visit Korea and Japan for their concerts once Before or After my marriage T_T coz they don't seem to consider India as part of Asia.
3) Marry a guy who like K-pop or at least Hangul * i know this is wishful thinking*
4) GET A JOB T_T somebody please help me find a job.

Social capital

  • less than 10